Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another One

I was so excited as I was getting the Hula Girl dress finished up that I went ahead and started another S3900! Once again, the fabric is from stash and was bought a while back to make this very dress. Well, Spring Break ended and I had to return to work this week, so needless to say, my sewing time has decreased, but here is a sneak peek:

The fabrics might look familiar. I used them once before to make T3. There was plenty left, though. Hopefully I can get this dress wrapped up this weekend. The bodice front is done, and I'm thinking about leaving off the mandarin collar just to do something different.

Oh, yeah, I have a trench coat to finish up, too.


Julia said...

You have a real eye for mixing fabrics. This is really cute!!

Lynn said...

How cute is that stripe on the bias? It was really cute smocked, too--this was my favorite of your Temily projects. I need to check out that dress pattern...wonder if it comes in toddler sizes?