Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Have Sheep

The Sheep quilt top is finally finished!

I added 1/4 inch flange of yellow fabric between the inner blue and outer striped borders. I saw this on a blog somewhere but I can't remember where now. I actually considered (for about ten seconds) adding piping into this seam. But I didn't have the patience to make and apply it, so I went with the flange.

Check out the mitered corner on my outer border:

I'm so relieved to have this top completed.

Now I just need to find someone around here to quilt it for me!


Vicki W said...

It's soooooo cute!

Tracy said...

May you and your family celebrate a joyous Holiday season. The sheep are as cute as can be, hope you get some help with the quilting.

angie.a said...

This is fabulous!! You're so fast. And I love that little yellow flange, great idea!

How in the world did you get such perfect miters??

Gwen said...

How adorable! :)
Happy New Year!