Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shannon Sews BWOF

It's been many years- and many sizes- since I've sewn a Burda pattern. The last time was in the early 90's when I lived in Germany and could buy the magazines at the local PX. I was about a size 36 back then.

Times have definitely changed. Today I'm living in Oklahoma, and I'm nowhere near that skinny anymore. But I'm giving BWOF a try again. I'm working on dress 120 from the October issue.

What first attracted me to this dress was the overall style: easy, breezy, and simple. (The fabric used in the magazine is pretty spiffy, too.) At first I thought this was a knit dress, but no, lo and behold, it's woven! Not that you couldn't use a knit if you wanted to.
However, the technical drawing turned me off somewhat.

It's rather boxy and boring. So I kept looking for a different project.

Then I saw this dress made up and reviewed on Pattern Review and I decided to take another look at it. Maybe simple and boxy doesn't have to be boring. I reminded myself that sometimes an easy fitting, comfortable, yet cute dress is a good thing to have. I can imagine this dress would be great on those days that I feel a little bloated and uncomfortable, or on days when I have to be on my feet a lot running around at work.

I'm seeing it in my mind's eye with black tights and some killer shoes. (Killer as in good looking- not crippling!) A bold necklace and maybe some chunky bracelets like the model is wearing in the magazine will set it off just right.

So off to the stash I went. I chose this drapey polyester print- gotta have drape to pull this look off.

Sorry about the dark photo.

I made a muslin- a size 44 straight out of the book. The fit was pretty good. The bust was even a bit roomy- without a FBA! It could be the nature of the design- easy fit and pleated at the neckline, but whatever. It works. And frankly, the pleats are my favorite feature of this design.

I felt that the sleeves were just a tad snug and the underbust seam just a smidge loose. So I added 1/2" of width to the sleeve and trimmed 1/4" from all the side seams. With those slight adjustments made, I cut my fabric.

So far I have the back darts sewn, all the pleats basted, and the bodice front sewn to the skirt front. I am so excited to see this come together. I think I'm going to go work on it right now! Stay tuned for an update soon.

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Adrienne said...

That is a cute dress!