Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Duro Strikes Again

During my days off I finished this:

McCalls 5458, or as I like to call it, Baby Duro. I used 100% quilting cotton that I'm pretty sure I picked up at Hobby Lobby last summer, and I made the size 6 once again. The Princess loves it- even more than the first one. It's a little big on her, but I hope that it will still fit this spring and that she can wear it with a tank top and capri leggings underneath.

Once the Baby Duro was done, I cut out a new project for me, McCalls 5522.

I'm making View B, the one pictured on the model. My fabric is a dark blue leopard print satin. So far so good. I am in the process of attaching the sleeves and once those are on, all I will have left to do is add buttons and button holes. Unfortunately I don't have any suitable buttons in my limited button stash, so I will make a run to the local Walmart tomorrow to see if by some miracle, they have something that will work. (I'm not holding my breath.) I'm afraid it may be this weekend before I can get to a fabric store to find just the right buttons to finish this project up. I will not be idle, though. I've already picked out New Look 6647 as my next project:

I'll be making the short sleeve version with contrast trim (shown in black and white.) I hope to cut out the pattern pieces and make the FBA tonight. Stay tuned for progress reports later this week!


tgillock said...

I love her Duro top, cute cute cute. I have the pattern. You inspire me to sew things I have!

angie.a said...

Look at how sassy she is! :D I love the top. i started going through the 7/8 CC patterns...hopefully this week I'll get them in the mail to ya!