Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Duro

I made a Baby Duro:

This is McCalls 5458. I made it out of a groovy butterfly print quilting cotton and the leftover black and white dot print from the Wall-E dress. I'm pretty pleased and the Princess likes it, too.

I made view E, The "Duro styled" dress (I'm sorry, but this is a tunic to me!) with contrast sleeve bands. I plan for the Princess to wear it with black leggings, just like the model on the pattern envelope, but we couldn't find them for the photo. I made a size 6 and it turned out very roomy. In fact this Baby Duro has some of the same issues that the Big Duro has- it runs large, and the neckline is wide and low. The Princess has to wear a t-shirt under it. I deviated from the pattern just a little bit. It calls for a draswtring and casing in the back. They'd have you make a buttonhole in the center of the one-piece back, sew a strip to the inside to make a casing, and thread ties through the casing, catching them in the side seams and bringing them through to the outside through the buttonhole. You then cinch the dress up with the ties. This seemed a bit tedious to me so I left off the casing entirely. I just happened to have some black grosgrain ribbon with white dots that closely matched the contrast fabric, so I used it to make sashes/ties that are stitched into the side seams and simply tie in back.

I probably will make this pattern again. It's relatively quick and easy and it takes less than two total yards of fabric. It's cute, too. I might even try making myself a similar top so we can have matching outfits!

I kinda like view B, too. Hmmm. I might have to go peruse my stash...


Adrienne said...

How cute!

Vicki W said...

Very fashionable young woman!

gold said...

Very cute!!Great job!