Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Shirt

Here's a photo of my finished shirt. This is the ever popular New Look 6407.

This top has been reviewed on PR countless times and most people seem to love it. I think it's a great classic blouse. I made view A out of a cotton batik. This was really a muslin that I made over a year ago when I was quite a bit heavier. Actually, it's a second muslin. The first muslin started out as a size 20 and it was entirely too big, so I made this one. I started with a size 18 and made a one inch FBA. I got the whole thing done except for the buttons and button holes, but I never finished it because I though it was too fitted. I do have a tendancy to "overfit" stuff. I dragged it out this weekend and tried it on again. It's a lot looser now that I've lost some weight, so I decided to go ahead and finish it. Actually, it's a little too big (I cheated in the photo and pulled the excess fabric to the back so it would look like I have a waist). The V is too low and the front is loose enough that gaping could be a problem, so I wore it today with a tank underneath. You can't really tell from the picture, but the white tank is quite cute with some beading around the neck.

I'd really like to make this again, but next time I will probably cut a 14 through the shoulders, tapering out to a 16 at the bust and then on out to an 18 at the hip. I think that will give me a better fit through the bust. The sleeves are perfect as is. I cut the size 20 sleeve and added another inch to the width through the bicep. I had read that this pattern ran narrow through the sleeve and I really need the extra width. The sleeves were still snug on me when I first made the top, but now they are just right. And no, my arms aren't really as short as they appear to be in the photo, although they are pretty short.
If I remember correctly, I bought a piece of dusty pink cotton with pussywillows on it to make another one of these. I wonder if I can find it, or if my stash has eaten that fabric, too.


austin said...

You look great in your shirt. The colour is fab!

p.s. I'm from north GA, now living in Fla

jemima bean said...

Are you wearing automotive clamps again? :P

I want to make this top...I keep pulling it out of the stash but since I'm losing weight (uh, that's me being positive) I'm thinking I'll be sorry I cut into it. I guess I could trace...blech.

It looks fabulous on you btw!! I love the color of that batik.