Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back in Black

Simplicity 4483, the black gauze dress and shrug are done! I knew the project was a success when I put it on to take pictures today, and my husband thought I had bought a new dress. When I told him I made it, he was shocked. (I don't know what he thinks I've been working on all this time!)

I cut a 16 through the bodice and tapered out to an 18 at the hip and the fit is perfect. I did do a one inch FBA, and I was able to contain all the extra fabric in the under-bust gathers... No dart! My only complaint about the dress is that I wish I had added maybe one inch to the length. It feels short. The bodice is fully lined with the same gauze, but the skirt is not, so a slip is an absolute necessity with this dress, but that's okay. I also think I need a pair of sheer black hose to wear with it.

I'm quite happy with this dress, but I probably won't make it again. I really didn't enjoy narrow hemming the entire outer edge of the shrug, although now that it's done, I'm pleased with it. Besides, I think shrugs have kind of run their course. A jacket would be a little more stylish. I really like this style on me, however, and I have a similar pattern picked out for one of my next projects:

Although the bodice on this dress, Simplicity 4014, is different, the sillouette is exactly the same. And the jacket is pretty, too. I can't decide if I like the hip length or the full length jacket best. I already have some dark rose gabardine picked out for this one.

I'm off to work on the leopard dress. I worked on it most of the day yesterday, and I decided to add contrast "under flounces" to the flounces at the bottom of the dress. It looks pretty cute. I need to cut some bias strips today and bind the armholes and the neck and I think it will be done. Pictures will follow shortly!