Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Pattern Shopping

When I got the email about McCalls new early fall collection patterns, I checked them out and found a couple that I had to have.  Hancock's is having a sale on McCalls and Simplicity this weekend, so I made a trip over there last night to pick up the ones that were calling my name.  Here's what I got.

M6991  This one was at the very top of my list.  I really like this drapey, slouchy blouse.  This would be perfect for casual Friday's at work or a weekend out.  I even think I have a few suitable fabrics in stash.  This view is my favorite, but the pattern also includes a sleeveless view and two "wrap" views, so I feel like this one is going to get a lot of use.

M6996  I can't wait to make this, a simple knit cardigan.  There is a long view and a short view, and a belt included.  This is going to be perfect for my office, which is always cold.  I can see myself making this in several colors so I have something to go with every outfit.

M6988  This one was not on my "must have" list, but since the patterns were on sale...  I also picked up  a couple of yards of ponte knit in bright marine blue and in coral and I thought this would be a simple, work appropriate dress that I could make up quickly in one of those fabrics.  I'd also like to explore the color blocking options later on...

M6959  another one that was not "on the list" but I have admired this one for a while and I thought I would get it and save it until next spring.  I love the way it's shown in the print with contrast binding.  There is also a sleeveless, collared version with a straight skirt that has possibilities.

M6531  I'm not sure why, but I really like this jacket pattern.  It has several interesting views, so it seems versatile.  I've never made this type of jacket before, but I'd love to wear it, so maybe I'll give this one a go.

M6925  This one is for the Princess.  She didn't seem real interested in picking out patterns yesterday but I got this one anyway.  It's very similar to a RTW dress she tried on recently.  It was very cute on her, but I didn't buy it because the quality was terrible and the fit was off.  I can see her wearing this view to school and it would not be difficult to lengthen this to a dress either.  I also have stash fabric for this one!

Enough about new pattern.  I'm off to sew jeans!  I cut out some skinny jeans for the Princess last weekend and I plan to get them constructed this weekend.  More about those including pattern number and fabric info coming up...

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Angela said...

Fun pattern choices! I also got M6991, as well as some more top/shirt patterns: 6436, 6702, and 6841. I usually have already made my choices via the internet and just go into Joanns and pick them up. This time I had a little extra time to look over the actual catalog, which helped me see past some of the cover looks to the line drawings (which is what I should do anyway).