Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plans Interrupted

So a few posts back I announced that I wanted to make the Asymmetrical Dress from the May 2014 Burda Style.  I even blogged the fabrics that I ordered from  Well, those fabrics arrived right before I went out of town on a business trip, and as I feared, they weren't exactly what I thought they would be.  Don't get me wrong, they are all great on their own and I will use them all...  Just not as I had planned.

Here is the combo I ordered for the dress.  The red pique is gorgeous!  It's a bright, saturated red with a fabulous texture and a little bit of stretch.  I'm seriously thinking about ordering more in a different color(s!)

It's the knit that is the problem.  It doesn't go with the red.  I expected a little bit of color variation, after all they are two completely different fabric types which take dye differently, even if they had used the same dye, which I am pretty sure they didn't.  But the "red" in the knit print is much closer to pink.  Even though I am okay with the colors not being "matchy matchy" it's just too great a color difference to look right to me.  Sigh...

Lucky for me, I ordered a back-up:

This knit is from the same line, but a different print with different colors.  It's not quite as contrasty and exciting as the first print would have been, but the colors go with the pique better.  There is green in it as you can see in the photo above, but not as much green, as you can see below (different part of the fabric.)

I did order a little extra, so I may be able to cut strategically to get the best contrast.  I'll have to see when I lay it out.  And the first knit fabric?  I think it will make a cute top for me or maybe a cute dress for the Princess.

So fabrics are here, and even though I'm going with plan B, I'm still procrastinating.  I am still trying to shed some winter pudge before I cut and sew a fitted sheath dress with a side zipper that will be hard to take in, so it may be another couple of weeks before I actually cut this out.  In the meantime, if you've made this dress or know someone who has, please share a link.  I'd love to see it!


becki-c said...

I so love the bright colors!

My mind won't stick with just one project at a time either. I currently have 4 things in process and I ca't wait to get one of the done so that I can start one more thing,

Audrey said...

Don't you hate it when the package arrives and the fabric isn't quite the color you expected. Anyway I thing your 2nd choice print will look fab with the pique. Looking forward to seeing your completed dress.