Sunday, July 15, 2012

Burda Style 05-2012-134 A "Really Big Bow" Blouse

I finished this little blouse a couple of weeks ago, and today I finally got around to taking some photos.  My regular photographer graduated high school this past spring and has left for Basic Training, so the Princess had to fill in for him today.  I think she did pretty good.

Anyway.  This is blouse #134 from the May 2012 issue of Burda Style.

You may remember it from the fabulous "La Siciliana" plus feature:

Sorry, I couldn't find the tech drawing online, but it's a pretty simple straight blouse with bust darts, buttons up the front, and short sleeves with narrow elastic in the hems.  The most impressive feature is the long ties that are attached at the neck.

My blouse doesn't look a lot like the one in the photo.  My fabric is opaque, and my bow is much more beefy.  I tried tying it low and loose like the photo and it was a hot mess.  Sigh...  So I will be wearing it all tied up snug and perky at my throat.

I think part of the problem is my fabric, which is a pretty nice "silk look" poly.  I bought it with a dress in mind, but I decided it really wasn't substantial enough for a dress and would make a better blouse.  And I still think it's a great blouse fabric, it's just maybe a little too crisp for this style.  Then again, if you like perky bows, then it's perfect.

The other problem is that I cut my ties on the straight grain, not on the bias as directed.  I did this to fit the ties on the fabric and (truth be told) because I didn't want to wrestle with trying to sew 90 inches of bias and attaching it to the neck edge.  Call me lazy.

Here's the back.  Oh, no!  I didn't zip my skirt quite all the way up!  The skirt is M5590, by the way.

Can you believe this is my muslin?  I just traced a straight 44, did a petite adjustment above the bust, crossed my fingers, and started cutting.  I think it turned out pretty good.  If I make it again, and I might, I would narrow the shoulders by about 1/4" just to get those sleeve seams a smidge higher.  I would also use a softer fabric to see if I could achieve that romantic, loose bow like the model photo.

On the other hand, Burda also offered another version using the same bodice pieces that features a notched collar and cuffed sleeves.  I might try that one, too.

If you want a bow blouse, I highly recommend this one.  Just keep in mind that the ties are long and wide and depending on your fabric and how you lay out your pattern, you could end up with a giant gift bow under your chin... like me.

That's it from me for now.  It's over 100 degrees outside right now and I'm going to go curl up with a cold drink and the latest issue of Threads...


Karin said...

Great blouse! I love the saturated colour and think it fits well and shows off your hour glass figure when tucked in.

Aminat said...

Beautiful blouse and great color. The photographer did a great job as well..

Lynneb said...

I think it's lovely! And the color is gorgeous, Shannon.

Sassy said...

I was eyeing up this pattern last night, but I will be using fabric from the stash, Not a voile like that in the pic but light enough, I hope.

Jenny said...

Beautiful blouse! I love the big bow! It's a timeless, classic style!

LinB said...

Love this color on you, by the way. I think that the fabric you chose is drapey enough for the bow. Cutting on the bias really is that important for achieving the fluid look on the modeled version ... don't be afraid of bias!

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!

Kyle said...

Great shirt and that's a great skirt too!