Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sewing Plans for the New Year

The Christmas hoopla is pretty much over. Yes, there is undecorating left to do, but I don't have the heart to take everything down until New Year's weekend, so it's going to stay up a few more days. In the meantime, I received my January Burda Style right before Christmas, and I've finally had a chance to sit down and give it a good look.

This year I'd like to make at least one item out of every issue. I planned to do it last year, and I think I got as far as March before I got an issue that just didn't excite me. Here's hoping this year I can make it all the way through 12 issues.

At first I wasn't thrilled with the January issue and I was afraid my plan was doomed to fail before it even got started. But then I took a closer look and there are a few things in this issue that I just might make.

First is top #116:
It's a simple wrap top with a long sash that can be tied in a bow. The magazine calls for stretch crepe chiffon, but I'm wondering if it would work using some mesh knit I have stashed away.

Next up is my favorite, bustier and panties #127:

I love these high waisted panties. They're so retro in dotted tulle over satin. I don't know if I'll actually make these, but I like them.

Then there's jacket #106:

I love the ruffle. The magazine calls for brushed mohair. I'm not sure about that. The photo looks like it's a woven fabric and the ruffles have unfinished edges. I can just imagine this thing ravelling all to pieces. Maybe if I could find a suitable substitute, I might give this a try.

Lastly is dress #125:

I do not need a stretch suede bustier dress, however, I like the section seaming in the skirt. It might be worthwhile to just make the bottom half.

So, not my favorite issue of all time, but then I don't expect every issue to be overflowing with things I just have to make. It's not like I'd have time to make more than a piece or two from each magazine anyway.

Anybody else out there planning to make something from this issue? Got any big sewing plans for after the first of the year?


MySummerTouch said...

I had similar idea, the problem is my slow sewing speed. I thought, if I don't like the issue, I can just skip it. Maybe I'll do it.
My general big plan is to learn sewing more.

Karin said...

I agree with your feelings on the January issue. I think you picked out the best bits. I don't think I will sew anything from it, but I've had a sneak peek at some dresses from the Feb issue, and it looks promising. I'm so busy with kids family and cooking and tidying up behind this circus at the moment that I cannot consider sewing anyway, lol! So hopefully, when the feb issue arrives, it will be good, and I will be ready!

Audrey said...

I liked the ruffled top too and was intrigued that the same pattern (lengthened) was used for the bath robe. I thought the fabric in the magazine looked like a soft wool knit like one I have in my stash. But looking again, the raw edges of the fabric in the picture do look like a very soft woven ripped along the grain line. I liked the coat dress with all the seaming too.

prttynpnk said...

I loved the coat dress, a little dressy for me, but the cut was lovely.

poppykettle said...

That jacket with the ruffle is just divine. It looks so cosy! And I really like the ballet style wrap top too. Think I might have to take the plunge and subscribe to Burdastyle mag!