Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slow Week

It's been a slow sewing week around here. My son, Logan, graduated from High school last night, and we've been on the go all week with activities and preparations. It was a very nice ceremony and he is thrilled. Congratulations, Logan!

I want to send out a special thanks to all the folks who left comments on the last couple of posts. Thank you so much for your kind words. You guys are awesome and much appreciated!

Well, the week has been slow, but it hasn't been completely without progress. I've got two projects going. The first is skirt #113 from the July 2008 issue of Burda magazine.

The skirt is shown in two lengths in the magazine. I'm making the longer, more formal version, but I'm thinking about using the top stitching on the hem shown on the shorter version. I'm using a pretty, dark denim with an emerald green weft, and I'm top stitching with sage green. I hope to have a finished skirt to show soon, but it all depends on if I can find a suitable zipper in my stash. If not, I may have to put off finishing until next weekend when I can make a run to the fabric store.

I also have New Look 6723 all cut out and ready to go using this fabric:

That's right, I'm going to make a dress covered in flamingos! Because everyone should have a flamingo dress. (And because I used to buy every flamingo print fabric I came across and it's time to use them.) There's just something about warm weather that makes me want to pull out all the craziest, most colorful fabrics I have and make them up!

How about you? Are you planning a crazy, colorful project for summer?


angie.a said...

haha! I would LOVE a flamingo dress!! AND a lemon dress!

Kyle said...

Loving the topstitching on your skirt! Also a flamingo dress sounds terrific! Can't wait to see it.

Maria (viola33) said...

The topstitching at your skirt looks perfect!
And I can't wait for flamingo dress, I love the fabric and the pattern, can't wait to see them together :)

Rose said...

Congratulations to your son, Logan and to you! I like the skirt top stitching. It's going to be terrific. Yes,I agree that warm weather and flamingos go together.