Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Season's "Must Have" Wardrobe Item

I was thrilled to find out that one of the trends for Fall this year is the "military" look. It has always been a favorite of mine, whether it's currently popular or not, and I have been wanting to make a military jacket for, well, forever. I took it as a sign when I read about how it's going to be "in" this year that I should go ahead and do it now.

I have two candidates in mind. The first is Burda 8020, an envelope pattern I've had in my stash for several years now.
I have a suitable stash fabric in mind, and I've already purchased a large, brass, separating zipper for it.
The only "problem" I see with this pattern is that I'll have to find 24(!) matching buttons for it. My local stores almost never have that many of one style of buttons on hand, so I'm thinking I'll have to order.
The second candidate is Simplicity 2341, view D.

This one is super cool, too, and only requires 10 buttons. It appears to not require a zipper, either.

Actually, I'd like to make both of these jackets, and I probably will at some point. The final choice will come down to fabric requirements. If I have enough of the stash fabric, I will go with the Burda pattern. If not, I will make S2341 out of it and I'll purchase something else for the Burda pattern.
The August issue of Burda Style featured a little girl's military jacket.
Some folks mockingly referred to it as a "Michael Jackson 80's throwback," but I like it a lot and I'd love to make it for my daughter. She would be thrilled to have a jacket "like Mom's" and I'd love to try one of Burda Style's kids' patterns. Besides, I owe her another item to replace the tunic that turned out too small.
So. What is your "must have" piece this fall?


angie.a said...

Ooh, I like that Burda pattern. I never even noticed the little girl's version in the BS either, but then I hardly peek at the little patterns since I don't have anyone that small in the house. It's so cute! Savannah would be adorable!

Karin said...

I really fancy a shearling jacket, but don't know if my machine or I could manage it. Never mind sourcing the sheep skins! Can't wait to see your military jacket.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has requested that jacket (the kids one) too! We'll see if I get to it before next spring, however...