Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Sewing

To bring you a fruit extravaganza!
I discovered this past weekend, that the Princess was sadly lacking in dresses for church. So off to the stash I went. She chose this cute little blueberry print and coordinating blue broadcloth to make another M5358, which we had great success with in the Cherry Dress.

I had just barely enough fabric to cut the size 8 with size 12 length. I bought this fabric at Walmart years ago with the intention of making a smocked dress for my much smaller Princess. I'm just lucky I was able to still use it.

I used a regular zipper in back and added a blue heart shaped button to close the top.

Two rows of blue rick rack trim the skirt bottom. (You can see where I ruled a guideline with a wash-away marker.)

The Princess is very happy with her new Blueberry Dress.

And since I was on a roll, I dug this fruity print out of the stash and decided to make it up, too. Once again this was bought years ago at Hancock's with a smocked project in mind. There was just enough to make this dress.

I used McCalls 5616, an OOP "Sew Crafty" pattern. I made View B.

Once again, I cut a size 8 with the size 12 length. It still turned out a little on the short side. I can only imagine how short it would have been if I'd cut the size 8 length!

Since I usually just have to add a little something extra, I decided to insert rick rack into the seams where the contrast fabric meets the main fabric.

I love the way it turned out. Sorry, I don't have step by step pics to share how I did this. I wanted to do a little tutorial, but my DH had run off with the camera and I was in a hurry to get finished. Maybe next time.

Once again, I used a regular zipper and a decorative button and loop closure.

For the hem band, I decided to go a little wild. I used the rick rack just like I did for the collar, but once everything was done, I topstitched this ribbon on and left the ends loose to tie a little bow.

The Princess loves bows, and the ribbon matched so well, I just couldn't resist.

She likes her fruit dress, but she says the blueberry dress is her favorite of the two. That's my girl- opinionated.

I'm down to three days of vacation left. I'm going to try and finish up my July SAYG pieces and then choose a piece for August. I might cheat, though- I have a pair of grey work slacks completed except for a hem. I might use those as my August piece and then I'll be back on track!


Myra said...

Very pretty dresses - I have used that McCalls and thought the same thing - it could have ended up really short. I love the rickrack - I used a pink and green daisy braid on the yoke for mine, looked like a necklace.

Linda said...

So cute! I love your fabric choices and your daughter looks adorable. You can never go wrong with rick rack.

angie.a said...

She's so cute! Look how grown up she's getting too. Sniff. I love both dresses. I don't think the last one is too short! It looks perfect! It's the exact length on the cover illustration too, possibly a stitch longer?

Goosegirl said...

I love the fruity dresses. And with your rick rack, you are a girl after my own heart! It is the rare dress that does not end up with rick rack around here. I think I like the blueberry dress best too! But they are both darling and look wonderful on your sweetie girl.

gwensews said...

Those are gorgeous summer dresses. Your daughter looks beautiful in them.

Karen said...

Your Princess is just beautiful and looks lovely in the Sunday dresses you made for her. I love how she shopped in your stash for the fabric. You did a wonderful job on both dresses and I like how you did the pretty buttons above the zippers.

Memaw's memories said...

Don't you just love to shop in your own stash? The second dress fabric is the same as some I made a blouse for my oldest daughter. She had bought a cute pair of crop pants on sale and this fabric matched perfectly.

I would have a hard time deciding which I like the best.

And what a stunning model. She's a real cutie.

michal said...

these are both very cute dresses. I am also more fond if the blue one! so lovely! and your girl looks like a young lady in it!

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

It's official. My Sarah wants you to adopt her.....

So cute!

Cennetta said...

Ah.., very cute dresses.