Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kyoto Skirt Update #1

So. Any takers on the Kyoto Skirt Sew Along?
I have my pattern all traced, and the pieces cut out.

I cut a size 16 and as you can see, I went with the khaki "linen look" cotton just like I planned. The problem is, I don't have enough of the red/purple/orange print for the bias trim and hem facing... unless I want to sew a dozen bias strips together to piece it... which I don't.
So I went stash diving to look for a suitable alternative. Here's the first candidate, a black/blue/green print that reminds me of sliced kiwi. You might recognise it since I used it summer before last to make a groovy version of S3744.

This is what it would look like used as trim on the Kyoto.

The next candidate is a small scale floral left over from a smocked dress I made when the Princess was small.

It works very well, actually. It's just not really the look I'm going for...

And candidate number 3 is this Asian inspired floral left over from S3588.

This is about what it would look like as the trim:
I'm kind of leaning toward this one. What do you think?

In other sewing news, the Burda sheath dress is progressing nicely. I just finished interfacing the back opening edges and I'll be installing the invisible zip this afternoon.
I also pulled out a really cute girl's pattern for the Princess and some colorful cotton fabric. You'll have to wait and see it in a later post, but I will tell you... it involves purple leopard print!


Anonymous said...

I know that skirt will probably turn out very cute, but....on project runway someone did a dress with a back like that and Heidi said it looked liked the model was pooing fabric. I can't wait to see ur skirt and prove Heidi wrong.

Beangirl said...

I vote for the Asian inspired print, definitely.

Patty said...

My vote goes to candidate #1, this will be so cute when finished!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I like the kiwi print the best, but I've been feeling the cool Spring colors lately.