Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eye Candy!

Okay, so remember back in December when I said I want to knock off this dress from ModCloth:
It's called the Fugita Garden Dress, and I still want to make it!

Well, the kind folks at ModCloth were nice enough to post this, the Parador Dress:

It's the same dress, only in a different fabric- light enough that I can now see all the details! I can see the underbust gathers and the fact that there doesn't appear to be any seaming except at the sides. The underbust band appears to be stitched into the seam at the top edge, but hanging loose at the bottom. That's interesting, texturally speaking, but I'll have to consider whether I want to do that or just have a contrast band inserted into the seam.

Here's the back:

I love that collar. The collar of NL 6909 would be perfect for this dress! I don't know about that skimpy bow. I might just leave that off entirely.
I don't particulary love this fabric combo. It's kind of light and dull for my taste. But I do have a gorgeous Asian poppy print in my stash that I've been saving for something special. I'm picturing it with red contrast...
Once the Burda sheath is done (my fingers are crossed that I get it done tomorrow!) and the Kyoto skirt is wrapped up, I think I'm going to turn my attention to this dress.

And then, just because I love it, here is the "I Dreamt I Was an Architect Dress" also from ModCloth:

I probably won't be attempting to knock this one off. I just don't have anywhere to wear a shiny, satin, art deco- inspired frock. Too bad for me. This dress is absolutely gorgeous. Check out the diagonal darts radiating from the center back:

What's inspiring you this spring?


Shannon said...

Just promise me you won't wear it backwards....LOL

Lorena said...

WOW... I wish I could sew.
This should be an interesting project :)

Adelaide said...

That dress is lovely.