Sunday, August 9, 2009

No Sewing Around Here

There's been no sewing around here this week. I've had too much going on and my schedule has been hectic. Plus, I haven't really felt my mojo this week. The BWOF dress is stalled. I got really frustrated with it last weekend and I decided the best thing to do would be to set it aside for a few days and let it cool. I'll come back to it when I'm feeling calm about it again.

In the meantime, new Buttericks have come out and I thought I'd share a few that I'm considering .

I love this little jacket. I even like the hot pink view with the blousy sleeves. I'd leave off the little bows at the waistline- I don't need those! I think I like the shorter version best, but the longer one could be interesting. I just wish there was a real photo on the envelope- pattern illustrations are fun to look at, but they are often misleading.

Interesting top. I like that you can apparently choose which side you want the pleats on and I like the asymmetrical design. Once again, I'd like to see a photo.

Beautiful dress. I love it, but I doubt I'll buy it. I just don't have anywhere to wear it. I do like the fact that they included a photo this time. I notice that the real dress seems much shorter through the bodice than the illustration would lead us to believe.

I really like this one. I love the modest neckline and the pleats, and the empire waist. I'd probably do the short sleeve version, or maybe the 3/4 sleeve. I appreciate the photo, too.

Another cute jacket. I love the extra vertical seaming on this one and the asymmetrical neckline. Darn it, I just wish there was a photo! I think this could be cute for an everyday light coat for fall.
I'm off to find something to do. I think it might be a needlework day today. The birth sampler is pretty close to finished and it would be great if I could cross that one off my "in progress" list!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannon, those are all really cute patterns. I would love to see your version of them!

Susan said...

B5385 seems to be on everyone's favorite list - me included!