Saturday, August 1, 2009

City Shorts!

The city shorts from Simplicity 3846 are done. I wore them out and about today.
I'm quite pleased. I cut a size 20 and took them in about 1/4" at the waist tapering to nothing at hip level.

I think they turned out pretty well. (And I promise I ironed them- even though you can't tell in the photos.) They're just a little bit wide at the hem, but I can live with it. After wearing them around all afternoon I decided they're just a tad loose, but that's okay. I'm thinking about making the long pants version, and if I do I will take them in just a smidge at the side seams.

I used denim for these- the same denim I used in my favorite pencil skirt. I thought the denim would be kind of heavy to use for the facings, and since these were made specifically to go with the Dots and Stripes tunic, I decided to use leftover fabric from the tunic for the facings.

Turned out nice.
These shorts are so easy. There are only four pattern pieces- front, back, front yoke, and back yoke. The yokes are supposed to be cut on the fold, but I took about a 3/8" wedge out of the center back of the back yoke (for my sway back) and added a center back seam.
The pattern calls for a lapped zipper, but I used an invisible one- works great. It also calls for twill tape to be sewn into the waist. I was concerned about bulk, so I skipped it. But, if I make these again with a less stable fabric, I'll definately use it.
Oh, and these run kinda long. I had to fold out 1.25" of length above the knee! Or maybe it's just my super short legs!
So one project down this weekend and one to go. I want to get the military dress finished so I can start on those high waist jeans!


Julia said...

They look great on you! I like it when my things are a little loose, for comfort! Very neat looking, though.

Kyle said...

Looks great! Love the facings!!

Shannon said...

Your shorts look great!

Adrienne said...

Your shorts look great!

Shannon said...


Cennetta said...

Great looking shorts.