Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's on Tap?

It's been a big sewing weekend here. I've made muslins for two different dresses and now I'm moving on to the real thing. The first dress is McCalls 5576:

I'm making View C, the green one in the photo with the longer sleeves. I'm using a chocolate brown gauze embroidered in turquoise and cream. If the dress turns out, it should be quite nice. I've only done four muslins of this dress (more on that in a later post) so my doubts about its success have more to do with the fabric- it doesn't want to cooperate with me!

The second dress is New Look 6799:

I'll be making view C, which is the plain black, slim skirted version. I'm using a stretch cotton, which, coincidentally, is also chocolate brown with large flowers in turquoise and cream. I'd also like to make View B, the pink version, but I haven't found a suitable fabric yet.

I am also still working on my latest smocking project, Miss Daisy from AS&E #58:

This is an adorable little sundress that buttons down the front, ties on the shoulders, and of course, has a sweet little sash in back. Oh, and it's smocked with an easy half space wave pattern and embroidred in Lazy Daisy (detached chain) daisies. My version will be hot pink microcheck:

(You can see Summertime Pink behind the pink microcheck piece. See, I really did start them at the same time!)

I have been really slow about getting to work on this project. I just haven't really had the time or inclination to do a lot of hand work lately. But Project Runway 5 starts this week, so I anticipate at least an hour a week of smocking while watching TV for the next few weeks! And of course, I really need to get this one finished because the way the Princess is growing, I want her to get to wear it a few times before it's too small!


Amie said...

Hi Shannon, thanks for commenting on my sewing blog. It's always great to find other sewers and smockers.

The smocking pattern I used was from AS&E 82. It's the "Jennifer" pattern minus the rosebuds.

Amie said...

I just saw that you also have four boys and a girl!

Adrienne said...

That smocking is AMAZING!!!!

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

What channel is Project Runway on? I have a PR sewing machine! I'm again so impressed with your ideas. You have already inspired me. I want to make a skirt (that shows you what skill level I am) and I never thought about making a muslim first. I want to make skirts, that's my dream, thanks for that great idea.

Hope all is well with your happy little NC;) (wink wink)