Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The No Sew Zone

Yes, it's a No Sew Zone around here right now. I haven't sewn a stitch lately. It's partly because I haven't had a moment to spare, and partly because I'm just not motivated right now. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do to jumpstart my creativity, but I may start something brand new.
In any case, since I don't have anything new to share, and because I don't like posting without at least one picture, I'm sharing this little dress from Savannah's Closet:

This is Savannah's first Christmas Dress, or the first dress she had made specifically for Christmas. As opposed to her First Christmas dress, which would be the dress she would have worn on her first Christmas. Okay, I'm confusing myself now. Anyway... I never really loved this dress. I wanted more color. Like a red dress. But this was the only small scale Christmas print I could find at that time, so this is what I used. I like it, it's just not one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I used Ellen McCarn's Ultimate Yoke Dress Pattern, and the smocking plate is Gingham & Ribbons from Little Stitches. Savannah was about 18 months old when she wore this.

This is the first, and come to think of it, the last smocking design I've done featuring ribbon woven through it. I ought to try this again. It's kinda cute.

Well, I'm going to go thumb through some back issues of sewing magazines and maybe look through my smocking plates. I'm thinking that maybe a brand new project will get the juices flowing again. I know I should work on my Works in Progress, but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do to get motivated. Wish me luck.


Juliane said...

This is absolutely adorable. I really need to smock something and thread it with ribbon. So elegant!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Juliane! You are very sweet. I think I need to try another ribbon project myself.

Shannon F