Saturday, October 4, 2014

Decisions Decisions

There has been sewing at House of Frogs.  I have not one, but two finished dresses to show, I just haven't had time, light, or an available photographer all at the same time, so no photos yet.  In the meantime, I'm trying to decide what my next project will be.

I have three yards of a gorgeous, deep teal ponte knit that's just crying out to be made up into a fall dress.  So last night I dragged out my stash of Burda mags and found several patterns that have been percolating in the back of my head and that might be suitable for my fabric.  Here's what I bookmarked:

11-2011-120 A/B:

I loved this the moment I saw it.  There are actually two views offered- one that looks like the tech drawing with the ruffle ending a bit above the hem, and another (below) with the ruffle going all the way down.

It looks relatively easy to make, would fit on my fabric, and with the long sleeves and collar it looks like it would be warm and comfortable for fall and winter.  The ruffles and gathers in front would also hid my tummy and other lumps and bumps.  What I don't like is that Burda calls for clipping seam allowances and hemming those front ruffles.  That does not excite me.  I'm thinking possible rolled hem?  Or maybe even raw edges?  


I love this.  What a smart little sheath with cool seaming and pleats.  There are also some very nice looking, flattering versions of this floating around the web.

My only concern here is that this has a waist seam, which is sometimes hard for me to get in just the right place.  And how will it look when it's finished- will I decide it needs a belt?  And if so, what color, what width?


This dress is absolutely gorgeous and very dramatic, and yet, I think it would be work appropriate.  It also has more of an empire waist which means I could easily make my waist length adjustments without  worrying about distorting the bodice pleats.

My concern here is bulk- will I be able to make all those pleats and have them line up and lie correctly in a ponte knit?  This also has a neckline facing- will I be able to get a nice, crisp collar edge?


This funky little dress has been in the back of my mind for some time.  The tech drawing makes it look like it is supposed to be loose and rather round, but the model photo shows a more close fitting dress.  I wish the model wasn't wearing the scarf.  I'd love a better look at this.  The generous stand up collar and the dolman style sleeves look comfortable and very fall/winter appropriate.  The section seams of the skirt are not only nice design details but would make adjusting the fit/shape easy as well.

Really the only thing worrying me here is that the tech drawing and photo don't seem to really show the same garment.  I suppose a muslin would solve that mystery easily, though.

So now I have to make a decision.  Has anyone out there made one of these patterns?  Do you have any feedback to share- positive or negative?

And stay tuned for finished projects.  For once I have actually made something out of the latest Burda issue within a week of receiving the magazine!


Paola said...

Hi I think you could leave the ruffle edges on dress one raw no problem if you are sewing ponti. I would be wary of those pleats on dress three too.
A nice collection of patterns. You have a good eye.

Sewingelle said...

I have all those patterns in my to do sometime list too, but haven't made them. There have been several versions of the pleated vintage style (08-2013-142) in blog land and it seems that the pleats are hard to sew well and not so flattering on everyone.

Love to see what you eventually settle on!