Saturday, September 20, 2014

October Burda Style is Here!

The October issue of Burda Style arrived today.  What a great issue!  There are a ton of things I want to make in this month's magazine.  Here, in no particular order, are my picks for October:

Coat 125:

This is gorgeous.  I love the wide lapels and the wide pocket flaps.  I probably would not use patent leather and I'd leave off the stripe on the sleeve.  The shoulder seams extend to the back- beautiful style lines back there.

Jacket 120: 

This jacket is simple, but has some great details such as the belt and the epaulettes.  I love the plain V-neckline with no lapels.  It also has side panels with modified princess seams

Dress 114:

I love love love this simple knit dress with front and back overlay just as it's shown in striped fabric.  It's offered in dress and tunic length.  I would buy extra fabric- that overlay piece looks rather large in the pattern pages.

 Dress 130:
 I would make this as a tunic/top.  The yoke and shoulder insets give this one some interest and I think this would make a nice alternative to a sweatshirt or sweater on weekends.

Biker Jacket 108:

This is a nifty little jacket, which I quite like in the ethnic print shown.  I would use a darker color- maybe black or navy for the contrast pieces.  The metallic gold is a bit garish to me.  This was also shown in a toned down grey and black combo, but the Princess and I both like this version.  It's a petite pattern so I would have to do some serious adjustments to make it work for me, but it would probably work for the Princess without too much trouble.  I may need to do some fabric shopping...

Waterfall Dress 111:

I love this one.  It looks like just another cowl neck dress (it's also offered as a top) but the neckline folds are cleverly controlled with some pleats sewn at the corners.  I imagine that would make the neckline more modest and suitable for work.

Dress 101:

I really like this dress, but as of now, I have no plans to make it.  I love the horizontal section seams and the clever use of fabric in the model photo.  However, I have made a couple of Burda dresses with these horizontal seams and although I love them and wear them often, fitting is rather finicky to get the seams in the right spots and I'm just not up for that at the moment.  That doesn't mean that sometime down the road I won't come back to this one...

Egg-shaped Dress 127

I am quite surprised at how much I love this.  The dress is shown on the model with a turtle neck underneath and what appear to be tights or leggings.  I would probably wear skinny jeans and boots with it.  Made up in a snuggly fabric, this looks like it would be warm and comfortable and would be a great option for casual Fridays and weekends.  I love the sleeve shape and I'm really curious how this would look made up.  You may see this one soon.

Babydoll Dress 124:

Okay, I actually hate the photo.  I don't like the ribbon around the waist and I'm not crazy about the fussy black lace over the nude lining.  But I think the tech drawing is adorable.  I love the shift sillouette and the way the bodice is gathered onto the yoke.  I'm going to set this one aside until next spring- I think in the right fabric this could be a great dress for warm weather.

Flounce Jacket 122:

Gorgeous.  What else can I say?  Burda shows this with the ruffle edges left raw in a stretch gabardine fabric.  I kind of like it.  It would be so easy to finish the ruffles, though, if you wanted to.  Once again, the design is simple but the impact is high.

Dress 105:

This is probably my favorite look in this issue.  Yes, it's just another simple cowl neck knit dress, but I love the shoulder seams that are extended to the front and the higher, more subtle drape of the neckline. (I even love the textured fabric shown on the model.)  I have a stash fabric in mind for this and you may see this dress made up here soon.

Wrap Coat 113:

I would really love to make one of these "waterfall coats" before the trend dies and this one is a really nice specimen.  The folds in front are very generous and the back looks to have a subtle "swing" shape to it.  I need to find just the right cuddly fabric for this- it would be a perfect alternative to wrapping myself up in a blanket to keep warm at the office.

Sixties Dress 139:

This is my other favorite from this issue, a fabulous shift dress with interesting seaming offered in plus sizes!  This could be so snazzy- fit just right it would be flattering and amazingly comfortable.  It's shown in wool crepe, but I think I might try it in ponte knit.  Color choice will be critical- it needs to be something light enough to show off the seam lines and topstitching.  And in a knit, I could even leave out the zipper.

This month Burda offered some items for "bigger" kids in the children's' section.  A quick check of the measurement chart shows that these are suitable for the Princess.  Here is what she picked out...

Trench cape 146:

I was surprised that she likes this, but she does.  I think it's adorable and I should probably make it up quick so she can wear it for fall.  she would be the only one at school to be sporting a cape!

Pullover dress 144:

She really likes this one, too, and so do I.  It's really just a sweatshirt, but the section seams and multiple fabrics take it to a whole new level.  Again, with jeans or leggings, this would be perfect for school or weekends.

What an awesome issue!  So many great patterns, so little time.  What's your favorite this month?

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Catherine Daze said...

This is definitely one of the best Burdas of 2014. Your picks are much the same as mine. I'd love to make that coat but I have more than enough winter coats already so it will have to wait a few years.