Monday, December 23, 2013

McCall's 5190, a Work in Progress

Well, I made it to the Christmas holidays, and I've been able to squeeze in a tiny bit of sewing.  I'm working on this little jacket, McCalls 5190, which is now, sadly, OOP:

I'm making view A and debating whether to add the back waist band from view C/D.  I'm using a nice dusty periwinkle blue "cordless" corduroy...  looks a lot like velvet.
I've already run into problems.  I cut the jacket out last weekend (after a muslin and quite a few pattern adjustments) but neglected to cut the pocket flaps.  No problem- I had enough fabric left over, I figured I'd just cut them out when I got to them.  Well, I got to them yesterday, and guess what?  The pattern pieces are missing.  I looked all over and couldn't find them.  I fear they may have been thrown away.

So at that point I had to decide whether to forge ahead and make the jacket without flaps (sort of like view D) or try to make my own pattern pieces.  I decided to make my own.  They turned out quite nice- they're already stitched up with a coordinated cotton backing to reduce bulk.  They're topstitched and waiting for buttonholes.  All a lot of work really for faux flaps- there aren't even any real pockets on this thing!

It was right after making the pocket flaps that I broke a serger needle.  I figured that was my sign that sewing was done for the day.

I hope to get back into the sewing room today and at least get the back of the jacket put together.  Maybe the sleeves, too.  There are three pieces to each sleeve- the outer and inner sleeve, and the wide cuff.  Because of the way the sleeves are drafted, I'll have to set them in in the round.  I'm not looking forward to that part, but for a jacket, it's really the best way, I think.

I really need to get busy and make a couple more jackets.  My office is so cold that I often spend the day wrapped in a blanket- not very fashion forward!  

And since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I'm not likely to post again before the big day, Merry Christmas!  And may your New Year be the BEST EVER!


Paola said...

This is a great pattern, can't wait to see the reveal.
I know the agony of losing pattern pieces. Talk about frustrations!
And a Happy Christmas to you, too.

Judith said...

One tiny piece of pattern paper can cause such grieve ~ at least it wasn't a major piece you lost! This jacket is sounding gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished ... J

Dk's Wife said...

Cannot wait to see the finished jacket.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.