Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alphabets, Hearts, and Sheep...

There has been a tiny bit of stitching going on around here...

This is Primitive Sheep by Ewe and Eye and Friends.  The design has a 1996 copyright on it, but it looks like it is still available from Twisted Threads.  It's not really my style, but I was fortunate enough to receive the pattern and the Anchor floss it calls for in a Secret Stitcher exchange years ago.  Something about it really pulled me in, and even though it's probably not something I would have bought myself, I found myself wanting to stitch it.  (It's especially appropriate since my family raises sheep!)

I finally decided to give it a go a couple of weeks ago.  I'd planned to use the Anchor floss, but I noticed that I had a lot of hand dyed threads in my stash that looked like they would work well, so I decided to make some substitutions.  So far, so good.

I've been working nights lately, so my stitching time has been seriously curtailed.  I'm back to a regular day schedule this week, so I hope to have this finished this week.  Because after Thanksgiving, I plan to turn my attention to Christmas stitching!

And in sewing news, the December Burda arrived this week.  It's nowhere near as good as the November issue, but there is a knit dress calling my name and a fabric in my stash begging to be used.  There may be a new dress to share soon.

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Brigitte said...

That's a lovely little project, so fast to stitch in between all the working and sewing.