Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Striped Dress for Spring and Summer

I've been noticing some cute striped dresses popping up online lately.  Not so many that it seems like a momentary trend or anything, but just enough to catch my attention.  I've always heard that horizontal stripes aren't flattering, but I have to say, if the stripe is done just right, the look is quite nice.  

Really, what could be better for spring and summer, than an easy, relaxed t-shirt dress with stripes?  I've also been noticing some really nice striped fabrics, both online and in my "local" fabric store.

I decided I really wanted to try a horizontal striped dress.  A simple, comfortable t-shirt style seemed like the perfect way to go about it, too.  The look seems pretty versatile.  Dress it up or down with shoes, jewelry, a belt, whatever your mood might be.

I love that these dresses are so simple and therefore easy to make.  No zippers or closures, just an easy knit you can pull on and off.

Personally, I think a loose, easy fit is the best for me.  And although I'm seeing a lot of really adorable short dresses these days, I prefer a more modest length- at least to the knee.  All the more reason to make my own.

This dress is about the closest I could find to what I had I mind:

Pure and simple.

I chose New Look 6095, a simple sheath pattern for wovens.  I figured it would work for a knit, too.  The cover model is wearing a very cute dress with horizontal stripes and that helped me decide on this pattern.

The pattern is so simple- just a front and a back, and short, almost cap sleeves.  The back has a center back seam, which I could have omitted, but chose not to, as well as vertical darts for shaping.  I wanted a loose, "easy" fit, but I still need a little bit of shaping.

The dress is almost done.  I just need to finish the neckline.  The pattern provides a facing (since it was designed for a woven fabric) but I'm thinking about doing a narrow band in self fabric cut on the bias, or maybe just a narrow binding turned to the inside and top-stitched down.  It also needs a hem, but that shouldn't take too long.

I hope to reveal the finished dress before the weekend is over.  Unfortunately, I'm fighting an ugly spring cold that has me feeling drained and useless.  Even if I can muster the energy to fire up the sewing machine, I'm not sure I want to risk sewing in my condition.  I'd hate to have any mistakes so late in the construction process because I wasn't feeling good.

So what are you working on for spring?  Is there anything on your "must sew" list right now?


Karin said...

I love your inspiration dresses, and I can't wait to see what you've made!
Feel better soon!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Karin! After a bowl of chicken soup I do feel a little better. Maybe even enough to sew.

Judith said...

Great pattern choice - this will work well in stripes for you! Can't wait to see it finished, once you shake off that cold ... J

Anonymous said...

This will look great. Stripes are always an excellent choice!
Hope you get over your cold soon.

Kristy said...

I made a very similar shaped dress for our spring/summer, except I made mine in a very bright red, pink and navy stripe knit. It is so comfy and simple to wear, so I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of yours. Looking forward to seeing your finished dress