Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Feels Good to Finish

McCall's 6273 is finished, with a week to spare! It feels so good to have this little dress completed in time for Easter! I love how the dress turned out, and the Princess seems pleased as well. She will be wearing it for Easter next Sunday.
The dress was easy to put together, it's fully lined, and it fits nicely. I will probably make it again- the Princess likes the version with the ruffles on the bodice and the tulle peeking out from the skirt. My only pet peeve with it is that it's drafted very short. I cut a size ten with size 14 length and I was only able to make a 5/8" hem in the outer skirt. I'd prefer a deeper hem, so if I do make it again, I'll add several inches of length to the skirt.

The sun was very bright outside when we took the photos. The fabric actually has lots of nice color in it:

The bow is just pinned on. I plan to attach it with a large safety pin. I figure it will be easier to wash/dry/press if the bow is detachable, and she can wear the dress without the bow if she chooses.

Here's a a shot of the hem. The seersucker has a narrow hem, and the eyelet lace is atached to the bottom of the skirt lining. I used white broadcloth for the lining.

I am very pleased with this little dress and quite happy with McCall's right now because of it. They have some cute patterns for kids, but I sometimes find their patterns to be too fiddly and frustrating to make according to their intructions. Fortunately, this little dress is not one of those.

In other sewing news, BS 08-2010-140 is finished, also. Hem, sleeves, everything.

We're having a little cold spell here right now, so I might get to wear this before putting it away for fall. I'm just happy to have it done!

And now that it's done, I am planning to start on this:

Butterick 5558 is one of the newer patterns released this spring. Something about this little dress intrigues me, so I'm going to give it a try. I plan to slap a muslin together this afternoon, and if it looks promising, I think I'm going to make the final dress up in coral linen (skirt) and seersucker (bodice.)

So how about you? Have you experienced that happy finished feeling lately?


sewing spots said...

No. No happy finished feeling lately! Soon.

You ladies both look lovely! It is such a good feeling to have a pattern and fabric combine easily and look great! And to have everything done in plenty of time--yes! I know the feeling both ways--all nighters and that feeling of comfort and accomplishment when a project is done with time to spare. Congrats!

Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the Butterick pattern. You are busy and inspired!

Julia said...

Very pretty mom and daughter!

Myra said...

Wow, little girl's dress is so cute and yours is awesome. I am so not finished with the two girls' dresses and decided to start another for me, since I am not sure about the one I have on the dummy almost finished. All a week before Easter...

MushyWear said...

Both dresses are lovely. Adding the eyelet to the skirt lining is such a perfect pairing with the seersucker, and the diagonal bow is a unique twist. Love it.

gwensews said...

Your little girl's dress is adorable. And yours is stunning. Very nice sewing!

angie.a said...

Both really lovely projects!

~Niki~ said...

*sew* beautiful~you have a gift, for sur.e

Dibs said...

Wow! you look stunning in the red dress, and your little gilr looks cute too.

Dibs said...

Wow! you look stunning in the red dress, and your little gilr looks cute too.

pallu said...


Nice efforts and very creative. I started to attempt to make a dress from Newlook 6020 and I am not able to follow the instructions at step 2! Where they tell to attach the bodice side to the bodice front ? Can you help me understand this better ? I have just started to stitch recently!Thanks.