Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simplicity 2836- Getting My Money's Worth

Well, I guess this pattern qualifies as a TNT now. I've made the boy's version twice for my son, and this is the second girl's version. I just love it when I can use a pattern over and over. It makes me really feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of it.

This time I used the cap sleeves and the applied front trim (again.) I originally planned on using a contrasting yellow fabric to make the shoulder yokes, but I got to looking at my fabrics and trims, and they really wanted to be this version. Sometimes you just have to listen to your materials when they speak.

Everything you see here is from stash (yay!) except the white "pansy" lace. I found that the last time I went to Hancock's. I thought it was perfect for this fabric.

The Princess specially requested that the trim be applied "round" as opposed to square on this one. I drew the original placement lines with chalk and then traced around a plastic lid to round the corners off. Worked like a charm. It gives the shirt a whole different look.

Here's the back. Nothing special- just two vertical darts that you can't really see in the photo.
I used a bias facing on the hem and on the sleeves. The pattern actually includes a piece for the sleeve facing, which I used. The instructions would have you sew it on single thickness, press everything to the inside, then fold the other edge under and stitch. That seemed too fiddly for me so I just folded it in half, pressed, sewed it on (raw edges together,) pressed it to the inside, and then stitched it down close to the fold. It worked fine.

I like this little calico print. I think I got it at Walmart- years ago, back when the local store had a decent fabric section. I originally planned to make a little bishop dress smocked in yellow, purple, and turquoise. I liked that the fabric has a black background, and I wanted the challenge of making a "darker" fabric work for a baby dress. Unfortunately, I never got around to it, but it's okay because the Princess is very happy with this shirt now.

I'm glad she likes it because I just cut out another version today (with shoulder yokes and pockets) and I've got several more pieces of fabric pulled out for a couple more versions. I also pulled out some rocketship fabric for my son. I'll be making a larger version for him, too. It's a long weekend for me, so maybe I'll actually make some progress on them.

How about you? What are you up to?


Rose said...

The blouse is adorable and so is the princess. What a great TNT! I'm cutting out a skirt to go with the top that I just finished.

Julia said...

love it!

MushyWear said...

So adorable! Your princess had a good eye with choosing the rounded look for the trim placement, and the trim choice is perfect. Fits her beautifully.

angie.a said...

So cute! How sad is it that I remember w hen you bought that fabric AND your original plan for it? Me you and the Princess are getting OLD. ;)

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

So cute! I always especially love your embellishments

FrammaJoy said...

DARLING! I live in OK too. What Hancock's are you near?

Piper said...

She looks so cute in this top. I love the trim work you did. The princess looks pleased too.