Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Checking In

Simplicity 3774 is almost done. I still need to hem it, press that annoying crease out of the center front of the skirt, and tack the zipper tape down and add a hook and eye. Just the little finishing details.
Yes, (sigh) it's tight. But I really don't feel like blogging it right now, so I'll share more pics and all the sordid details in another post.

To make myself feel better this past weekend, I made a couple of new muslins. The first is Simplicity 2363.

This is one of those day/evening dresses that Simplicity does. I have to laugh- evening dress??? Yeah, right. If by evening, you mean "I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch TV before bedtime." That long dress in the photo is Ugly.

Normally I don't go for dresses like this. It looks kinda "hippie chick" to me. But something about that pink dress in the photo grabbed me. And I've learned that when a pattern or fabric speaks, I should listen.

Anyway, the dress just looked cute, cool, and comfortable- perfect to make out of a pretty cotton print (which my stash is brimming with.)

So here is the muslin:

The dress has a significant amount of ease. The finished bust measurement of the size 14 is 41 inches. So I decided to start with a straight 14. This is how it turned out.

I actually tried this on late Sunday night and was rather disappointed. I tried it on again today, though, and things aren't looking so bad. But I'm relying on you, tasteful readers, to be honest with me about this. The dress does tread very close to the dreaded maternity look. That's kind of to be expected with this raised waist, blousy style. Honestly the front doesn't really bother me- it was the back that made me want to cry Sunday night.

Please excuse the tacky hot pink ribbon tie. I am totally too lazy to make a fabric tie for a muslin!

I don't know why, but the back is not looking as awkward today as it did Sunday night. This is a pretty stiff cotton, though. I think I definitely need to use a fabric with a little bit more drape. I was thinking seersucker originally, but I might need something softer.

I really like the bodice. I love the way the side front and side back panels attach to the bodice pieces. The seam allowances on the muslin are turned under on the outside shoulder pieces and along the front opening, but not around the neck. Finishing that would open up the neckline a little bit more.

The bust circumference is perfect. I do plan to add about 1/2" of length to it with a princess seam adjustment. I also think I need to go up one size, maybe two in the skirt. I've got a little bit of room in the 14, but it doesn't look right. I need a bit more ease to get the look of the dress in the photo.

This dress is super easy. There is no zipper or buttons- it slips right over your head and you snug it up (if you want to) with the optional ties. The ribbon was just for the muslin. The pattern actually has a piece for a narrow self fabric tie with optional beads on the ends. I think a slightly wider tie (maybe 1" wide) might work better for me. I also would probably add maybe an inch of length. As it is there is barely enough fabric to turn up a hem- I'm thinking mid knee.

So there you have it. Should I go ahead and make it for real? For what it's worth, when I put it on and went outside to take pics it was incredibly comfortable. The cut of the bodice allows for good air circulation and it felt great. I guess if nothing else, it would make a great house dress.
That's it for now. Stay tuned for a post on the pink and green dress and a report on the other muslin I made this weekend- a 60's retro pattern! Have a great week!


Amy said...

I like this on you. I was looking at this pattern yesterday - and couldn't get past the really long dress that looks like granny's nightgown.

But, I do like this on you.

Mommyof2girlz said...

First loving the new blog background..the orange rocks, second teal is such an awesome color on you..really pops!

AllisonC said...

I think with the proper sash and perhaps an inch or two off the hem this will be a great summer dress, I say go ahead!

Meredith said...

I really like both dresses on you! The 2nd one looks like a fun, comfy summer dress. Definitely make it! Mere

Roobeedoo said...

I like the colour on you, but I'm not sure about the cut-aways on the shoulders - I would worry about "overhang", though I have to say I am not seeing any!

Steph said...

I think the back looks fine, especially if you have a drapier fabric. The bright pink muslin tie probably didn't help in getting a real picture of a potential finished "rear view". :)

Cennetta said...

Two beautiful dresses and you look great in them. I'm going to purchase S3774 and give it a try.

Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

Ok - I am catching up on my blog reading today - and you have two winners, so cute. I have my eye on this pattern as well. Very glad to see it sewn up.

Looking good!