Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'd Like to Introduce...

...The next fabric up for a shirt:

Say Hello to "Frogs in Space"! I especially like the little guy in the turtle shell spaceship! This will be the next shirt for my little man.

And for me, you might be seeing these. I say might because, as always, my plans are subject to change with no notice or reason other than my whim. From left to right we have the same highwaisted pants I made for the Mini Wardrobe Challenge. These will be made out of a heavier, dark grey mystery blend. I want to try the elastic waist method that was featured in Threads a couple of issues back (and that is used so effectively in some of my favorite RTW pants) and I will be morphing the full length legs onto the capris with the button and pocket detailing. In the middle is the Vogue high waist skirt pattern that I made last fall in black gabardine. This one will be a wool blend black and white houndstooth and, unlike the first skirt, will be lined. Then on the right, we have an OOP Vogue dress and a printed stretch denim. I have already started a muslin for this one. Stay tuned for updates!


patsijean said...

I just found your blog and really like it. One thing I especially love are the shirts you make for your son. My 4.75 year old grandson is determined to be an astronaut and to the end I collect as many space themed shirts as I can find. I love the "Frogs in Space" fabric. Did you purchase it online? Do you know the name of the manufacturer? If so, could you help me find some?

Shannon said...

Hi, PatsiJean! Thanks for stopping by. I don't remember the manufacturer of the astronaut frog fabric, but it came from Hancock Fabrics. I found it while wandering through the novelty section. I don't know if they'd still have it because it's been about a year, but I've found several space-themed fabrics there. They seem to just surprise me with stuff from time to time.